GraffitiSuiteR27.2 WebLikert error in Safari

I m using WebGraffitiSuite 27.2 add-on quite a long time with no problemsa nd very happy about.
Today I got a message from a user tring to access WebLikert from its iPad reporting a dysfunction. Nothing are shown(Questions/Answer options) are not shown , just an empty space with green color. Seems that the control do not register the array of questions.

I have no iPad but I have a MacBook Air. Same problem in Safari only…
MacOs Catalina 10.15.4, Safari 13.1 (15609.
Using Chrome and Firefox all things run well. Also no problem in Android and PC browsers.

Any thoughts about?

You should contact Anthony directly about this
He’s probably more responsive that way

As had been said by @Norman Palardy, your best bet is to open a support ticket, but you must have an active subscription to receive support. I did test the demo, and it works as expected for me. You can do the same by going to

Not sure if the demo is about 27.2 version. No active subscription, no money to buy one but here it appears that there is a problem that need to be fixed. MacOs updated recently and the problem is present only with Safari… It is reasonable that should be always an alternative way to solve such situations.

Regardless of what the error might’ve been in 27.2, it does appear to be fixed in newer versions. An active subscription gives you access to updates and support.

I am sure about this, but my app (with all other GraffitiSuite controls and i am happy for this) works ok except of this tiny thing and the problem is that as i am not selling my app as a commercial application (it is free to public) i have no extra income and the luxury to spend $399 to make things work as expected.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide GraffitiSuite for free, nor guarantee that all GraffitiSuite products will work forever against all future OS and browser changes.

Well, if you like from your mac machine you can visit p s y d e s k .org and choose “you may want to know more about yourself” button at the bottom of the page, choose any test and then might be able observe the behavior in safari to get an idea of what Javascript code causes the problem…

Maybe detect if browser is Safari and do something else?
What that would be I have no Idea as it is your project.

I see no show-topping errors related to GraffitiSuite that would cause this issue. There are access-control errors, but the issue is likely not with GraffitiSuite from what I’m seeing in the console.

It is irrelevant, my code is ok as it works in all other browsers… i suppose that safari has a debug option panel as Chrome and Firefox do.

Yes, that’s what I looked at to find those access-control issues.

To be honest if you are relying on a product to support your project, and as we all know browsers change things often, you should consider updating the product you invested in. Only other option is to find a cure yourself

Antony, from the questionnaire page with the empty green weblikert control, if you press “Finished” button, you will get an outbound error because no questionnaires items exists to iterate trying to calculate the sums… This is not happening in others os/browsers… Tomorrow i post a javascript error i got once i visited the questionnaire page. Maybe would be informative.

Yes, it looks like there is an issue in the Xojo framework (or your version’s HTACCESS, if you’re using CDN) that is preventing the data from being sent. That’s all I can see. Please subscribe to GraffitiSuite and open a support ticket for further assistance from me.

Briani want but i can’t at present time… My app is an offer to the community, which include everyone and off course yourself and when i developed it i was expecting to maintain it from donations. You may know this takes time to be known and widespread to the community… Money is not everything and not the only thing that motivates people. I already spend money for offering to the community bybmaintaining the project by buying yearly Xojo license and Xojo cloud… i am not a proper developer, i am psychologist.
I call everybody to give a try and visit it (not using Safari) :slight_smile:

Antony, the project is compiled with XOJOR4. Could you please look with the help of Xojo stuff, if this issue in the Xojo framework exists in previous or next versions of XOJO?

The XOJO is a small market for tool vendors, where every license counts. It is completely unfair to expect others to give away their products for free, just because you did. Either pay for support, live with it, find your own workaround or find another tool set where all the stuff you need for your app is free.

Personally I think this thread should be closed.

Locked the thread - the discussion has gone off topic and also this issue is being handled directly via GraffitiSuite support.