Graffitisuite Web date picker - use European date order?

Has anyone got the Web date picker from Graffitisuite to work with European date order? (dd/mm/yyyy)

It’s possible to change the order displayed on the actual date picker control to dd/mm/yyyy - this part works fine. However, when you look at the date object returned in the “value” property of the control, it seems that it’s interpreted the date chosen in US date format instead.

As an example, I put an instance of the date picker on a web page, setting the “Format” for the instance to “dd/mm/yyyy”. If use the mouse to select 5th January 2017 from the date picker, the date picker control will correctly show “05/01/2017”. However, the date object returned by the control has a month of “5” and a day of “1”.

I’m sure it’s possible to hack the date picker’s code to fix this, but there’s a hell of a lot of it to look through! Any other dd/mm/yyy users out there who have got this to work?

what ever the solution is, it should be based on the users locale if possible… unless you want only Europeans to use the site :slight_smile: