GraffitiSuite Web 2.0 Alpha Slowness

If they don’t, I will be implementing more functionality from Bootstrap now that it’s part of the framework, including versatile groups.

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Is there a feedback case for this Anthony - it really is extremely slow - almost to the point of being unusable currently. Waiting 10 seconds or more for a response when clicking is unworkable.

What is the bottleneck?

There is, but it’s private as it contains my product code and other information that I can’t share publicly.

I don’t see a slowdown on this order of magnitude. I’m planning to do some more profiling today and I’ll see what I come up with. It’s quite possible that sort of slowness may be the server I’m running it on.

This is when I running locally using the alpha release Anthony. Clicking the Options button on for example the Grid example just sits there and you think it’s not doing anything then all of a sudden it leaps back to life.

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I definitely don’t see this locally.

Please open a support ticket so that I can try to replicate your circumstances.

Sure - I’ll send you a video too.

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The Web 2.0 Grid example took 5 seconds to appear for me in the UK

The Grid example is meant to be slow, in a way. Showing everything possible with a large amount of data. It might look bad in the demo for a wait to happen, but that’s the reality and I’m not about to slim it down just to make it look better. I typically try to emulate real world use cases in the extreme.

That server is also hosted in Dallas, TX, IIRC.


I just downloaded the web 2.0 alpha. Nice work by the way. I too experience extreme slowness in parts. The date picker example takes forever to render the page (popup menus take several seconds to show, several more to finish rendering), on the first visit. Launching the same page a second time is much snappier. Things seem to be cached in the browser. This is on a 10th generation core I7, Win 10, nVidia GX1660, 32GB RAM and SSD, using 2020 R1.1. I am preparing a ticket with a video showing where things are slow. Certainly willing to help if I can be useful.

Yeah, the built/in PopupMenus have a bottleneck on projects like mine that I have reported. I look forward to any and all tickets!