GraffitiSuite ... is it only the EXE showcase OR

The Graffitisuite package… the demo they offer, is it only the downloadable .EXE presentation or they also provide sample projects where you can play with various settings and take the features for a spin before considering buying it?


As the classes are all unlocked, they can’t give you access to the full source code to test.

Well, the question is… I want to try before buying… don’t they have these samples are encrypted classes and a working demo xojo project file(s)?

Thanx a lot for your feedback David… I appreciate it.

Hi Sveinn. I’m Anthony, the developer of GraffitiSuite. There is no uncompiled demo due to the ease at which encrypted Xojo source code can be decrypted. So, unfortunately, all that is available is the demo application, which is the package of source code you receive after subscribing.

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As a customer of GraffitiSuite, it’s worth it.

The classes are great, and Anthony is absolutely amazing with support. I don’t think I’ve ever had faster fixes than with this great set of tools.

Sometimes it can take some time to learn how to use a component, because the classes often have so many sub-components that need to be properly set up, but you have full access to the code so all the answers are there, and Anthony, again, is fantastic with support should you have a question.