GraffitiSuite Grid Examples?

Anybody out there using the GraffitiSuite grid? If so, do you have a simple example on how to set the columns and rows. Ive gone through the example app and I cant make sense of what’s going on to add a new row. Any help or examples would be appreciated. Thanks.

You should also try @Anthony_G_Cyphers supportdesk, he usually answers pretty quick there

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Thank you, @Per_Ronny_Westereng . I have responded to a ticket opened by the OP. I have also added a basic example to the documentation.


GraffitiGrid rows are NOT like a ListBox. They are more difficult, but much more powerful.

You must create a New GraffitiGridRow whose Values are based on a Dictionary, with a Tag if required. Then add this GraffitiGridRow to the GraffitiGrid.


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