GraffitiSuite Desktop (R53) GraffitiTagField has a black bar

Hi All (and @Anthony_G_Cyphers ),

In both the demo project and my own project where I am using the GraffitiTagField and I am seeing this black bar where the unused space is in the control.

And it expands as items are removed.

How do I get rid of this?
Edit: Windows 11 and Xojo 2023r4


I’m sure Anthony will respond but it will be easier/faster if you open a ticket on the Graffiti website.

Thanks @AlbertoD , will do.
I will post the solution here to properly close things out.

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I have replied to the ticket with a fix for Windows.


Thanks @Anthony_G_Cyphers
Going forward I will START with a support ticket instead of posting here on the forums.

All, the solution is a code fix of the control. I will defer to Anthony as to when it will be released to the public.


The fix will be in R54, and may be released sometime around mid-January. It was related to setting transparent to Xojo’s DesktopTextField.BackgroundColor, which appears to no longer function on Windows.

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