I know Anthony of Graffiti is very ill at the moment, just hope him get well very soon, his products are amazing.

Just wondering if anyone can answer some pre-sales questions here:

  1. for the subscription fee, does it mean I cannot use the plugins anymore after expiration or just cannot have further upgrades?
  2. is the price include all plugins in the Features list?


I only have the Desktop Edition, but the plugins are delivered as source code. I believe you can use your licensed version forever, and that upgrades are only available during your license period.

Okay, I have just subscribed and downloaded the web plugins. But I even cannot run the demo program, it shows a list of errors during compilation:

Sorry, this may not be the right place for my question…

For the moment there are 2 options.

  • Try an older release of Xojo ( I tried 2015R4 and runs fine in that Xojo release)
  • Use the demo on Anthony’s website

You can use Xojo 2016 R1, runs fine

I thought he had updated the suite to satisfy the new namespace rules.

It is running with the newest version of Xojo.

I get the same errors if I try to run the demo. I use it only to copy the needed controls - the how tos in the web were a better help for me than the downloadable pdfs.

He probably has, but hasn’t released this version yet.
He has to get better first before he will think about releasing an update.

Here is a sentence he from the message he has send to a couple of the Graffiiti users, just to show how severe his illness is…

I think the latest release does not work with Xojo 3.0. I am a subscriber and I received a release candidate for the next release a while ago with the name space fix. I guess in the mean time Anthony became ill before the real release release.

Like all plug ins and code for Xojo it is possible an old version will quit working with new Xojo releases. Since Graffiti Suite is supplied as source ultimately you probably could apply your own fix for a new Xojo release if you were inclined to do do the debugging.

I do like the controls and use some of them in every app.

The namespace issue is pretty easy to fix. It looks as if Anthony duplicated his classes and forgot to change those NameSpace constants. Takes maybe 20 minutes to go through all of them and change their names. No biggie.

I have updated the Demo program and now runs in 2016R3.

@Tony Lam
I sent you a private message with the link.

Thanks Paul, I will have it a try right away.

I hate doing this… keep asking on the same issue…

Well, thanks to Paul, the demo can run perfectly on 2016r3. I tried to create a small project to test with the WebCalendar, it compiles well but with error pop up at runtime, here is the project:

I have copied the scripts and web folder to the place where this test project aside.

Please help.

Sorry, I tidy up my folders a bit, and redo the copy files in Build Settings, it works fine now, thanks all.

Hi Guys,

Im a license Graffiti Web edition version. I had same problem so i temporarily ceased to use graffiti for my web application already.

May you could also send me the revised version which can run on my XOJO R2.1?

Tony, in the GraffitiControlWrapper add a constant called JavascriptNamespace and set it’s value as graffitisuite.superclass
(I don’t know what Anthony actually wants to use, but this will get Xojo to stop having errors until he returns)

The project you posted is also missing a javascript component (this I don’t have and cannot fix)

Hi Paul,

I am using the web calendar class, can you teach me how do I get the current Month and Year so as to load the events from the database for that month only?

Thanks again.

  Dim curDate As New Date
  Dim curYear As Integer
  Dim curMonth As Integer
  Dim curDay As Integer
  curYear = curDate.Year
  curMonth = curDate.Month
  curDay = curDate.Day

Oh sorry Paul, I mis-represented myself, haha…

I intended to ask to get the current month/year that Graffiti Web Calendar is currently displaying. Sorry.

I’m not an expert of GraffitSuite.
Check the documentation.

CalendarView as Integer = 0
0 = ViewMonth
1 = ViewWeekAgenda
2 = ViewWeekBasic
3 = ViewDayAgenda
4 = ViewDayBasic
DateSelected( DateStart as Date, DateEnd as Date = nil, StartTime as Boolean = False, EndTime as Boolean = False )

Raised when the user clicks on a day/time on the calendar.
MoveToDate( theDate as Date )

Bring theDate in to view.

Move the view to show the current date.