graffiti grid tooltip

when how say in the title, i need put tootlip in a cell in a grid of graffiti…


EDIT: Just saw this was for Web. Why I like my support portal to get information. Answer is forthcoming.

In the future, if you open tickets on the GraffitiSuite support portal, you’re more likely to get a fast response.

Mouse move/enter/exit events are not currently supported on the grid to reduce the amount of round-trip communication between the user’s browser and the server. This is something I’ll add for the next release, however.

It currently uses functionality to automatically display tooltips for data that is too large for the viewable area of a cell.

Added for next release:

[ADD] GraffitiWebGrid now has a CellMouseEnter(row as GraffitiWebGridRow, column as GraffitiWebGridColumn) event. [ADD] GraffitiWebGrid now has a CellMouseExit(row as GraffitiWebGridRow, column as GraffitiWebGridColumn) event.

You would then use GraffitiWebTooltip in conjunction with these new events to create the functionality you desire.