Graffiti deployment problem on XOJO Cloud

Hi Guys,

I am a Graffiti Web licensed user and had experienced deploying my web app to xojo cloud. It keep showing TIMEOUT after couple of time.
I tried to move to different location which has fast internet upload speed but the error still the same.

Anybody had success on this?

Can you screenshot the error? Is it the standard javascript error dialog or are you seeing something different?

Hi Tim,

Here is the actual error screenshot

Screenshot doesn’t show up here.
It will only show you because you’re logged in to your google account.
Upload somewhere like

Ok here

And you don’t get this error when deplyoying an empty project?

actually, I deployed the same application without GRAFFITI and its ok.
But after I include the graffiti and use the DATEPICKER on a webform and deploy, it keep that error.

I changed my location and find fast internet but still the same.

FWIW, I am able to deploy the Graffiti example to Ronaldo’s server but the app is crashing on launch.

Thank Jason,

Im hoping that there is somebody here that had same experience and resolved it.

Do you have code in the UnhandledException events and are you logging the stacks to see where the error is?

Hi Greg,

I am not able to upload the whole file even i had fast internet sspeed.
Though Jason (from XOJO) had successfully uploaded it TO MY server, but according to him, it CRASH.

Do you use Graffiti on your XOJO web? Do you successfully deploy it in cloud? im using XOJO2016R2.1

Just to be clear, I was also able to successfully upload the app to Ronaldo’s server.

Ok Jason, I corrected it. thanks for the notice.

One thing to make sure of doing is to add the scripts folder to the copyfiles in to the Xojo Cloud build settings. Without the scripts, Graffiti items will error out.

Thanks Jeff,

Yes. I done that.
My Xojo web app contains 1 Webform and 1 date picker at the center.
Of course it run on my machine nicely.

My problem is when deploying to the cloud.

Do you use graffiti deployed on cloud?

Yes, I use date picker specifically.

What version of graffiti and what version of xojo do you use.

Hi Jeff,

How can I know the version?

Open the Graffitisuiteweb project that you downloaded.

While looking at the code in Xojo, goto APP -->> Notes -->> ChangeLog

That will tell you what version your using of Graffiti…


it says Release 22.


I believed its working now.

PROBLEM: I include the script and copy files in windows only.

SOLUTION: I need to add it also to XOJO CLOUD.

Thanks for your concern Guys!