Gradient Example tool

I thought I had this saved, but it seems not. Does anyone have a download link for the gradient example tool, as posted here ?

The dropbox link on that post results in a 404 error.


This is going to sound weird, but file a bug report.
Someone from Staff should be able to upload it somewhere, and fix the link in the blog post for everyone in the future.

I think you should have it in Example Projects/Graphics and Multimedia/GradientExample.xojo_binary_project

It’s in the examples of Xojo 2013r3 : Graphics and Multimedia\GradientExample.xojo_binary_project

Got it. Thankyou all.


I’ve updated the blog post to indicate the Gradient example is included with Xojo.

Is there a way to create a gradient from start color &cB4B9B900 to end color &cB4B9B9FF (= 100 % Transparency) so the Windows background color will shine behind the gradient?