GPS and Map

Hi, i’d like to code my first app.
My plan is just to show the GPS coordinates and a map with the current position.
However, I don’t find anything in the documentation or forum how to achive that, where to get these values and obtain the map picture.
Any hint from a iOS crack that you are? Thanks.

Congratulations on starting your first app Peter. :slight_smile:

Xojo doesn’t have any Mapkit stuff built-in (though you can get location data from the GPS with iOSLocation). I use a third-party control for mapping, pins, etc called dtMapView but I believe that @Jean-Paul Devulder may no longer be selling this?

That link doesn’t work anymore…
So: With Xojo you can mak an App, but without support to access GPS, antenna/wifi data, acceloermeters, camera, microphone, and so on? Only to have a little listing app with SQL maybe…? You see, I’m a bit astonished, to see here so little. Am I missing something? Will Xojo provide that (soon)? Any opinions, inormation on that? Thanks.

Do you mean the shortcut for Jean-Paul Devulder? That’s something to do with the way this forum software creates links but you can just search for Jean-Paul’s name and try sending him a message. I understand that Jean-Paul’s toolkit is no longer sold though, as I noted earlier.

Anyway, you can do all of the things you list using a combination of Xojo native controls and code that helpful people have contributed to here on the forum. A few of us have very capable, widely used apps created with Xojo. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks very much, Jason, will try to find that! Didn’t see much in the forum so far.
Any other links to such capable, helpful people, that might share coding examples?
Pity, Xojo itself doesnt do or provide such things built-in, or recommend at least third party software in that respect.

You’re welcome Peter. You’ll definitely want this code and this code which are both free to use. I also use the MBS Event Kit and everything that Antonio Rinaldi makes in my iOS apps. Those last two links are commercial products.

But, seriously, just spend some time on the forum searching for what you want and you might be surprised at what you can turn up. And Xojo does list third-party add-on vendors on its website. :slight_smile:

Thank you for referencing iOSDesignExtensions Jason.

@Peter, you can get user’s coordinates using Xojo’s iOSLocation control.
To display a map, I believe it has been discussed already on the forums.