Gotcha : Plantuml

Hi long time a ago I was using things like ERD-tools, class designer, project planer and more…
And its not easy to include them all into a version control system or updating files, without these tools.

Then someone pointed me to :

which is a java jar file and the input is textile, the output something generated by graph wiz.

Isnt that easy.

Here a example with Xojo (Class Pizza)
Class Pizza
Protected Sub Constructor()
End Sub
Function GetPrice() As Double
End Function
Shared Methods
Shared Function CreatePizza(type as PizzaType) As Pizza
Select Case type Case PizzaType.HamAndMushroom Return New HamAndMushroomPizza
Case PizzaType.Deluxe Return New DeluxePizza Case PizzaType.Hawaiian Return New HawaiianPizza
Raise New UnsupportedFormatException
End Select
End Function
End Class

And now the input for plantuml
Class PIZZA as input for plantuml

Pizza<|– HamAndMushroomPizza
Pizza<|– DeluxePizza Pizza<|– HawaiianPizza
Pizza : Constructor() Pizza : GetPrice() Double
Pizza : CreatePizza(type as PizzaType) As Pizza
HamAndMushroomPizza : Constructor()
HamAndMushroomPizza : GetPrice() Double Deluxe
Pizza : Constructor()
DeluxePizza : GetPrice() Double
HawaiianPizza : Constructor()
HawaiianPizza : GetPrice() Double

But there is more :

•	Sequence diagram
•	Usecase diagram
•	Class diagram
•	Activity diagram (here is the legacy syntax)
•	Component diagram
•	State diagram
•	Object diagram
•	Deployment diagram
•	Timing diagram

The following non-UML diagrams are also supported:

•	JSON data
•	Wireframe graphical interface
•	Archimate diagram
•	Specification and Description Language (SDL)
•	Ditaa diagram
•	Gantt diagram
•	MindMap diagram
•	Work Breakdown Structure diagram
•	Mathematic with AsciiMath or JLaTeXMath notation
•	Entity Relationship diagram

Stay healthy