Got my PI!

Got my RPI 2 yesterday and now have it set up and running. The wi-fi was a little tricky but finally got it working.

Time to get my geek on! :stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered mine yesterday, in some kind of Adafruit 7" touchscreen bundle, allowing 10 fingers to sense some funky touch gestures. Hoped to have it by now. But tomorrow will do.
I also ordered a GPS receiver, along with a Wifi and Bluetooth dongle.

I can’t wait to start getting nerdy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nerd on my friend :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been surprised and definitely happy with the things I’ve been able to do with the Pi2. It’s a remarkable little computer, with some very exciting potential uses.

@brian franco I certainly will… I am so tempted to just pull up my chair on my driveway to wait for the UPS guys. Haha!
Have you done any cool things with your Pi yet?

@Dan Oja And? Any nice projects so far?

I have some ideas I will find very helpful. A simple car tracker, that can connect with my car using an ODB2 connector. That can read out my miles (kilometers in my case). Create an app that connects with my iCal calendar so it can kinda guess if I am making a business or personal trip. That helps me out a lot.

I just love that Xojo made my life so much easier :slight_smile:
I finally have more time to spend with my wife. Although, she might make me watch her soap operas. So, I end up watching my fave shows on the the Xojo Webinar Youtube channel :wink:

@Edwin van den Akker

I had the same impulse when waiting for my PI :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now I’m just using my PI for FTP while I think of projects :slight_smile:

I discovered the Webinar movies and it has become my favorite channel also :slight_smile:

Don’t you know???