Got a web app you're proud of?

Most web apps are used internally by our users so we don’t get to see them. If you have one that you think looks nice, I’d love to see it. Send me a private message with a screenshot and a description of what it does.


Geoff, why not post the link or screenshots here, too. As a newbie web app developer, I would love to get inspiration from seasoned Xojo developers.

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Users can certainly post screenshots (and I recommend they do) but I know some may not be able to post public screenshots for one reason or the other.


Human resources system:



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Condominium management system:


I like this one even better! Well done Jose!

Make sure to submit this one to the Made with Xojo showcase on our website. The other one as well.

In this project, I hired designers.

That’s why it looks much better visually. Although the classes do the same as other systems, it seems more boring.

That is why I think that XOJO should offer a vertical menu. The design changes a lot, and you can see the difference yourself.

One seems just okay. The other system seems better.



There is a lot going on there, but it looks really good! You should be proud of this!

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Built with Xojo 2019r1.1
Works on any browser / any platform.
Enables anyone to play almost any card game, or tile style number games with friends & family.


EZ Meter makes electric submeters for both billing and energy management. There is a link on the website to which allows users to get the proper model number for the meter they need based on the electric system and current the load draws. There are thousands of different combinations the user can choose from. It also displays a data sheet and installation diagram for the meter the user selects.


While it wasn’t terribly nice to look at, I created a web app to keep track of all the jobs I applied for last year. It tracked the day of the application, reminded me when it was time to follow up and even tracked multiple interview dates. It also allowed me to upload the application and cover letters that I used with each job so I could retrieve them during an interview and see what information I had supplied. It was very helpful for discovering what information had come from where as I was providing different parts of my career path on linked-in and my personal website. It had a companion desktop app for launching it so I didn’t need to keep it running in the background all the time.

FWIW, I knew that services like this already existed on the internet, but as someone who was looking for a job without having a job, I really didn’t have the funds to subscribe to a service.



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