Got a small question about Xojo pricing

Hi everyone,

I consider Xojo and I try to find an awswer to a simple question and I can’t find it :

After one year, if we want to renew, do we have a discound for renewing the licence we bought or we will have to pay the same price ?

Try to find something in the forum and the FAQ but didn’t find anything.

Thank you in advance,


There is a small discount for auto renewing.

Otherwise buy when there is a sale or when you Need a license.

You mean that if we don’t activate the auto renewing we don’t have any discount to renew ? The discount is about 10 ? 20 % ?

For the sales, yeah but I don’t know exactly what kind of sale we can have ?

Thank you in advance

I don’t think there are auto renew discount anymore.

Edit: it looks like there is a 10% discount for auto renew.
Is better to review when there is 20% or 25% discount sale.

There definitely is a 10% discount for having auto renew turned on.

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Yeah, also licencing is a mess and confusing for newcomers I guess many preffer to stay away than investigate like you…

Short answer, NO, you dont have any discount. That year is missleading, You are buying just the latest release available and xojo will give you “free” al the releases that came in the following year after the purchase (2, 3 or maybe 4 releases a year)…

Autorenew, it is a 10% that is not worth it, they are going to charge you exactly one year after your first purchase, but even if you pay this “new” licence, there is not going to be an inmediate new release, could pass 3 or 4 months for the the next one, you are kind of loosing money there.

You can keep using the last purchased release covered in the purchased year. Without real discount on renewals, it is best to wait until a release really has something worth the new purchase, you can be months or years without a current licence and still using the product.

Waiting for the sales is the best course of action, because they are always better than 10%.

I can’t say I’m not frustrated by the lack of a proper discount. It used to be 50% to renew. But I can understand the logic. We complained that Xojo was valuing new customers over existing ones, and who could blame them, new customers were worth twice as much! In the books at least. So now existing customers get to be equally as valuable to the spreadsheets.

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But likely not in reality… When the discount was 50% many renewed uncritically… I am sure a lot fewer do that now… I would be surprised if they even break compared with the old policy for revenue from existing customers.

BTW way back when 20 years ago, I would not have bought my first RB desktop XPlatform license if the renewals had been full price.



Thank you for your answers.

To be honest, I don’t know what to think. Good app or not this price model isn’t very attractive especially for those who need Desktop AND mobiles. The console app should be include in the Desktop models in my opinion.

It used to be, and I agree it should be now.



Exactly, console app are the most basic on every other tool, should be include in Desktop. Also that option with Desktop + Mobiles and the other with Desktop + Web. Otherway feeling that you pay for something you don use, (on top of the price and licencing model) scares away potential customers.

Also note that if you need mobile, Android is in a really early beta, you should test it before commiting to the tool

Exactly, console app should be include in the Desktop, Also an option with Desktop + Mobiles, other with Desktop + Web. Otherway feeling that you pay for something you don use, on top of the price and licencing model scares away potential customers.

Also if you need mobile, Android is in a really early beta, you should test it before commiting to the tool

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I’m not aware of ANY toolset that have some console only compiler option that they don’t offer it FOR FREE. So in their paid options ALL them include such compilers that users usually use in their first [Print “Hello World”] apps, and use extensively in university and at home.

I guess the current Xojo model is unique and kind of not market wise.

I guess it may force people write their console only needs in some of the dozens of console only, smaller, faster, stable and free options of the market. And such move may drive people away from the Xojo platform just experimenting options of other platforms.


I experimented with porting a helper over to Objective-C, it wasn’t as hard as I thought (albeit I have experience with Objective-C). The helper went from 14 mb to < 200k, it launched, did its job and returned before the Xojo helper had even launched, so it saves my customer’s time also.

If only Xojo had continued to focus on the product, they may not have needed to cut the renewal discounts in the first place.


It is also worth understanding that Xojo isn’t a subscription, so you don’t need to renew every year.

The last time I renewed was in 2020. I DO look at the release notes for every release since, if there is ever something that I feel could benefit me or fixes a problem that I wasn’t able to work around myself, then I will certainly consider renewing.

In the mean time, I have also been putting serious time into investigating other tools. There have been some pleasant and disappointing surprises along the way.


In terms of functionalities, I know that Desktop version of an app is different of Web App, but in term of capabilies it’s difficult to know exactly if Desktop app in Xojo are more capabilities than Xojo Web App. With new technology there should be no such very big difference (minus the way datas are queried). Nowaday tendance is for web apps but don’t know if Xojo let us a lot of freedom in this app style ?

Cutting renewal discounts was a huge management mistake with accumulative bad results in the long term.


Oh, that’s easy, Desktop can access your OS API natively, talk to your hardware, write and read files freely in allowed places, print more precise content in specific printers, etc more “close to the metal”; WEB is a slower limited view box with more limited content and resources.


So, if I sumurize :

  • Android is early access (Beta)
  • Web is not powerfull as it seems (may be just display database datas but for a web app we would be have more stuff)

Definitly if we want to make somethin with Xojo, Desktop is the way to go ?. Console App in the pro version makes sense (for marketing) if web / android are not very powerful at the moment lol

(Sorry for my english)

Web is powerful as it is, you must to know the difference. Some use cases asks web more than desktop, some use cases need desktop. It is your duty to pick the best solution for your use case.

Xojo has a trial model that allows you write entire apps, save, and run tests, to understand better the concepts before committing on buying some license. You just can’t “build” the app. Once you decide, pick one that serves your needs.

Nope. In no way. Console is a so primitive option the does the opposed effect. People give it for free in other platforms because of that. Then you say “mine is paid”, people will say “Wow! I can make console apps for free using several other tools, I’ll pass” and you get some rejection feeling from part of the public.

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