Google Spreadsheet to Listbox

I want to load a Google Spreadsheet into ListBox (public Spreadsheet(everyone who has the link))

It works in OSX, but not in Windows 7

What I use
Listbox(lb), HTMLViewer(browser)

in Window Open


(I’ve also tried without &d=1)

in browser Document.Complete

me.ExecuteJavaScript "window.status = document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].innerHTML;"

in browser.StatusChanged

[code]dim s as String = newStatus
s = NthField(s, myheader, 2)
s = NthField(s, myfooter, 1)
lb.Cell(-1, -1) = s

//// remove first cloumn
for i as integer = 0 to lb.ListCount-1
for j as integer = 0 to lb.ColumnCount
lb.Cell(i,0+j)=lb.Cell(i,0+j + 1)
lb.ColumnCount=lb.ColumnCount - 1
//// end remove first cloumn[/code]

in OSX it displays the text in browser and fills the ListBox.

In Windows with browser (Webkit) nothing happens
In Windows with browser (Native) it ask to save the file

Is it not possible in Windows?

You tried without d=1, but did you try setting d=0? I believe the link you’re using (trying to load in the HTML Viewer) is provided by google to download spreadsheets, and Mac is actually misbehaving by letting you load it.

In OS X only Xojo HTMLViewer displays the text, Safari makes a download and Firefox ask to download.
I am pleased that the HTMLViewer makes it that way.