Google Maps

Hi All,

I am going to submit an ios app, apple tests all network connections using ipv6, this is not a problem.

What I need to do is use Google Maps but I can’t find the ipv6 address to call the maps.

Does anyone know?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Google itself is you friend…

Hi Dave,

I am not looking for the DNS address, I already know that, I am looking at calling the maps with coordinates in IPV6

So I usually call it like this,-123.1648607,13z

What is the IPV6 version ?


IPV6 refers to the DNS not to any arguments supplied

Hi Dave,

Here is a sample, when I call my website in the browser
using ipv6 it is like this


using ipv4


exactly… so what is you misunderstanding… I provided the IPV6 address (and IPV4) for Google Maps as published by Google

Hi Dave,

I must be misunderstanding you, what you provided was the DNS, so how would I call
this in ipv6,+Burnaby,+BC+V5C+6C6,+Canada/@49.2601289,-123.0079441,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x548677268467cef3:0x4e44c0aa4c0a487e!8m2!3d49.2601289!4d-123.0057554

You shouldn’t bother about that.
Google has iPv6 mapping in their DNS

I am not sure how to explain it… is a URL… it gets translated to an IP address by a DNS server… .IP addresses are either IPV4 or IPV6
what follows after the URL (or the IP address is you must supply that) is of no concern … it it passed AS-IS to the destination server

using IT says has an IPV6 address of 2a00:1450:4007:817::200e and an IPV4 address of

So… why is this a concern… just use the URL… Apple will accept that…

Thanks Dave & Jeremie.

I will submit it to apple and hope they accept :slight_smile: