Google Drive Integration

I hope it is Ok to post something under general not related directly to the beta… If not I won’t do it again.

Has anybody integrated an RB desktop app with Google Drive? Is it possible without a plugin? is there some example code? Apparently Google has SDKs for Java, JavaScript, php, .net, Python, iOS and Ruby (none of which I know)… but not RS.

I have an app (that needs to run on both Mac and PC) I created and implemented on my own initiative that is used by a # of people in different departments to submit work to my department via Email. It needs some config files (that change with projects) and a user list with their Email and other info…

Each department is an island that, although close by, are not in the same building. Because we don’t have an intranet or our own server (file or web), a web app (which would be best) is not an option as this is not something the company would pay to host externally…

So i wrote it as a desktop app.

As it is now, every time there is a needed changed (about once a month or so) I have to Email the config files to the end users and they have to put them in the right directory… Which does not always happen…

It occurred to me if I could put the config files on Goggle Drive (which is free) I could modify the app to check there first at startup, download and replace the the existing files on the local machine if newer ones are available on Google Drive.

Doing it that way if Google drive is not available they still have the local config file… and it would make my life simpler…

Any suggestions?


  • Karen

Absolutely. That’s what the General channel is for.

There is a publicly available drop box class for rb. I am using it to do something very similar to what you describe. I believe I found the class on the rb docs wiki online.


I found it… BUT the classes are encrypted which makes me worried about their long tern viability.

i’ve created a basic open source (non encrypted) class for using HTTPSecureSocket.
Your free to use, change or modify as willing. is free for x requests and x gb

i’m not affiliated with parse, and i’m not working for them. I’ve just made this class to simplify my own needs.

[quote=3798:@Karen Atkocius]Thanks.

I found it… BUT the classes are encrypted which makes me worried about their long tern viability.[/quote]

@Philip_Zedalis Wrote it. I’m testing pinging with a user tag, but since the “name” it expects doesn’t map to anything he’ll probably never get a notification. He could come over and let us know his plans for the classes.

Back when he released them he was undecided about releasing the code.

I have no real plan for them. I upgrade them when things are needed. They will likely be receiving an upgrade this week as I need them for a project. It is under a permissive license of do whatever you want.

I think you can use Xojo right now to look at the code. :slight_smile:

I hate this long time forum bug.

Funny thing is that the link is actually made, but to some short-form nick we don’t seem to have control over. Could be the functionality is there but since Xojo wants us to use full names it’s not mapping to anything?

Seems an inherited problem, seems that ESOTALK was waiting an usual one-word username like rexTheDog, megamind, TexasRanger; and they adapted to a full name, using spaces, and spaces breaks the engine.

Well, the proper way to do this is to have javascript popup possible names after an @ sign, now :smiley:

I’d say the “proper” way to do it is to use quotes.

I originally wrote the same. But then again that reflects how it ends up looking, not how it’s “selected”. If you’re not sure about the spelling of a name of the person (if you’re linking to someone not in the thread) an html popup would help you find it easier. Quotes would end up being used in the final selected name, of course, if spaces were in the name.

Send me a PM and ill be glad to help you integrate the Google Drive API…you will need a Google developer account to get started as an API key will be issued to you for access to the APIs.

Did you get anywhere with your Google Drive API code?