Google Calendar Methods

Hey all,

I’m looking to pull some event info from a public Google Calendar. Has anyone created any methods for doing this? I found an old thread from 2014 that included a library that @Brock_Nash created.

From looking at the APIs it seems like you have to use OAuth and an API key and so forth. Is this the case for public calendar data as well? I mean, I can click on the calendar data in the public calendar, etc. so why do I need to go through the authorization process, etc? Is there a way to do it w/o that?

Checking to see if Bock’s classes are the latest available or seeing what anyone else has done.


Let me try bumping this up again…

So I’ve been messing around with trying to access Google calendar data. It’s a pain in the backside that Google makes you authenticate to get a list of publicly accessible data, but so be it. You used to be able to access calendar data with just an API key but not any more.

But I am stuck…

Everything with Google is a web based concept. Everything is about JavaScript origins from a web browser. I’m trying to do this from a desktop app. There’s an authorized origin URL and a redirect URL.

I can get things working with the origin URL - I’ve been using http://localhost:9080 for example. But then there’s the redirect URL. That’s where I am getting completely stuck. I’ve tried setting up a server socket and listening but that doesn’t work.

Plus every time you use these methods you have to manually enter your Google account info and log in. I’m trying to do something automatic that runs in the background.

I see that @Christian_Schmitz has an OAuth function built into his CURL classes. Would that eliminate the need to log in manually? I also see @Beatrix_Willius has written an example for Gmail that uses a ChilKat plugin (but I don’t want to have to buy a new plugin license just for this).

Would using a service app connection be better? I’ve started looking at that but it seems somewhat complicated as well…

Can anyone point me in the right direction of the best way to do this?


My Gmail example is out of date. But it should still show how to handle OAuth. You get back a token when you log into Gmail which needs to be saved. Every hour the token needs to be refreshed. Christian’s OAuth functionality should do the same as in the Chilkat plugin.