Google Blogger Label Widget Customization: Posts Only Show Own Labels?

I am working on setting up a Google Blogger site to sell physical items whose inventory I maintain with a app I built with Xojo (originally built with Real Studio).

Google allows each post to have its own set of labels (tags). A list of all such tags on your Blogger site can be enabled in two ways:

  1. In the “Blog Posts” widget, which is used to display the main blog post, one can choose to display all of the sites labels as a list.

  2. Add a separate “Labels” widget just under the “Blog Posts” widget, which also displays all of the blog’s labels.

With either of these choices each blog post page will display all of the blog’s labels; however, I only want each blog post to display its own set of labels and ignore all other labels from other posts.

For example, if post one has labels a,b,c and post two has labels 4,5,6 then both of these posts will be displaying labels 1,2,3,4,5,6. I only want post one to display its own labels (1,2,3) and post two to do likewise (4,5,6).

Does anyone know how to modify the existing Google labels widget to accomplish this or how to do this other custom code?

I’ve found this reference page regarding Blogger conditional tags, but have not found a working solution:

Have you asked that question in the Google Blogger forum ?!forum/blogger