Google APIs with XOJO?

I am starting work on a Book Database. I would like to be able to scan in a barcode (ISBN or EAN) and retrieve some basic data from a service such as Google Books (would consider other options if you think it may be better).
I have done some research on this and the Google API provides objects for a number of programming languages (.NET, Java, PHP etc) but there is no XOJO plug-in :frowning:
Does anybody have any experience in using the Google API, specifically the Books API, with XOJO?
Any ideas, suggestions gratefully accepted.
Many thanks

It’s not that hard. Read the API docs and the examples. Obtain a key from Google and you can use that in your requests instead of OAuth authentication, which is harder. Have a look at Xojo’s HTTPSocket and study the examples.

In the end you have to do some JSON parsing, study the JSON and dictionary object.

I have a full example for using OAuth with the Chilkat plugin at my website ( The MBS plugin also supports OAuth with Curl.

You need to get a ClientID and a ClientSecret. This you shove into the OAuth process. Then you show a browser where the Oauth is done. You get back a token.

Check the oAuth method in CURLSMBS class in MBS Xojo Plugins if you use our plugins.