Google and Ajax/ web edition

Trying to do SEO with web edition application seems to be a bit of a challenge.

Last year we looked very hard at providing alternate pages that said Google straight HTML rather than database driven Xojo web app pages.

It seems that Google has abandoned this recommendation:

But it also seems that Google’s ability to walk JavaScript frameworks is somewhat flawed at the moment:

Can anyone comment on Google’s ability to crawl a Xojo web application? Is there some best practices or even some recommendations?

Was Case # 19412 actually ever implemented?


It should not be difficult even to serve the same content with the database.

What we did was give you HandleURL so that you could return static pages to a search engine like Google.

Keep in mind that search engines may penalize you if the content they get back is significantly different than a browser would, but since you’re transitioning between a web app and plain old HTML, this is about the best you can do.

FWIW, our javascript framework very much expects that the client has a human being behind it and I seriously doubt that the automated systems will have much luck in navigating it.

Perhaps you’re trying to make Xojo Web do more than it was designed for. Right tool for the job, and all that.

HandleURL is very nice to provide Google with an entire web site structure.

That said, it wont absolve you of a couple problems besides registering the virtual root directory of your app HTML :

  • The content of the pages meant for the Google bot has to be SE friendly. You want to read this at a minimum :
    So you will have to format your dynamic content within these rules.
  • Navigation must be done in HTML links for the bot to follow. So the structure of your “bot site” has to reflect your pages structure somehow. Maybe by using directories with the same name as the Xojo Webpages.
  • Here comes the thorny one : Google will index the bot pages with the virtual directory that serve pure HTML. Never think google will send visitors to your main page. It will land wherever it found the keywords. meaning it maybe anywhere. When a regular browser gets to a bot page, you need to detect it is not googlebot, and send the visitor to your app, possibly to the relevant page. You will have to use a meta refresh or some JavaScript to send him to your app (ShowURL is not applicable). If he is to go to a particular page, you got to use some parameter and insure that your app shows him the proper page.