Google Analytics - again

I know there are several posts on this topic but most are old and things have changed.

I have a need to integrate GA in a desktop and iOS app. Before I dive into the nitty-gritty details, has anyone done this recently? Any indication of difficulty level to implement in Xojo? Any tips and tricks to share?

Thanks in advance!

What exactly do you want to do?

In the past there was the Google Measurement Protocol which was able to measure anything. Now there is a minimal replacement which can only measure purchases and games or something. I now have a database instead where I can make a simple reporting in Google Looker Studio.

Google Analytics 4 itself is like 1% of the Universal Analytics version. Awful interface and not many features.

Good question and I’m still figuring that out.
Basically want to know when certain features are used, which external hardware devices are connected to, and simple usage of elements like that.

In this case my approach should be fine. I send data to a php script which write into a database. Looker studio accesses the database. I made sure that the data is anonymous. I make only very simple charts like versions, locale, macOS versions and similar.

The chart below shows the versions of my app:

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You should setup a paid 60 minute webinar.
I can’t be the only person needing this.


Thanks! But it’s really simple. A bit Xojo, a bit php and a bit Looker Studio.

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If I have some time in the next days I’ll make an example for the Xojo and php parts.