Going back to a previous screen

Users go through five screens entering data on an iPad. After the last screen, they end up on a Review screen. The idea is that they should be able to jump to any of the previous screens in case they want to change something.

Since the screens are in a “stack,” I don’t think I should create a new one again.

Is there a suggested way to do this?

There are several ways to achieve this.

  1. Use a scrollable area and populate it with containers, so that users can scroll back to the previous page (container) if needed.

  2. Push a new MobileScreen each time and prevent the last screen from having a back button with a declare.

Both solutions will need the use of at least one declare, which should be available in iOSdesignExtensions

Use a tab panel to pick a screen? The tab panel can appear once you’ve hit the Review screen, or it can be there all the time with disabled tabs if the screens need to be done in a specific order.


It doesn’t look like a tab or page panel is available is mobile.



After messing around for awhile, I made an array of the pages. I then use app.currentlayout.content to display the desired page. So far it seems to be working as desired.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Sorry, I meant