GoDaddy SSL Cert - how to use for WE - .PEM - .CRT - NO .RSA

I am serving a WE app on our own server and am moving off our own self signed to a GoDaddy verified SSL. I have received the GoDaddy bundle for OS X and when I looked for the RSA key there were not any in any of the files. I have attempted to use one , several and all files in the .crt fit, complier and load up on the server this compiled WE app and the app fails to start.

So my question is has anyone used a GoDaddy SSL cert for a WE app? The GoDaddy cert is a Standard SSL Certificate and when I download it there is a folder with 3 items. 2 .crt and one .pem no .rsa

Any thoughts?

GoDaddy does not have your private key, which is why it is not included in the bundle. The private key will be on whatever computer you used to generate the CSR. The CSR basically says “I’d like a certificate for this private key” without exposing your private key. Unfortunately I can’t give you more specific instructions because I don’t know how you generated your CSR, nor have I ever setup SSL for Web Edition.

From what I remember, if you created the request on a Mac the keys are stored in the keychain.

Hi Carl. Here’s a guide I wrote for setting Xojo apps to use SSL cert from GoDaddy. Hope it helps you.


For Standalone Xojo Web App; the certificate name must be the executable’s name(ignoring any extension) plus “.crt”.

So given “myApp.exe”, the cert would be “myApp.crt”

The contents of the xojo certificate file are just the contents of certain files from GoDaddy, placed in the correct order.

Two files are from the .zip file which you get at the end of the certificate process. (request this in “apache” format when downloading)

The third is the private key created at the beginning of the process, when requesting the cert.

The files used to build the app-specific .crt file (in order are)
• The .crt file (inside the GoDaddy .zip received when cert is approved, i.e. “the certificate”)
• The “gd_bundle” .crt (also in the zip)
• The “private key .txt” file created by GoDaddy when originally requesting the certificate.

Paste the text from these three files into a new file named myApp.crt (replace myApp with the actual name of your application)

This file then needs to be in the same path as your built application.

[h]End Rules[/h]

Note: If you misplaced the private key, I think you can get a new private key by re-requesting the cert through GoDaddy’s site. (this shouldn’t be an additional cost; it’s just invalidating existing cert and issuing a new one)