my name is Hans, I am new in this forum.
My language is dutch, german and english.
For a long time I wrote my programs in QuickBasic, later on in VB6 and now I use only Apple computers with windows on a virtual platform. And so I am using XOJO.

But i have a problem.
I should be make a ordering program with a Desktop and a web site.
On the desktop I don’t have big problems, the documentation of xojo is good enough.
I using a window with a lot of Container and in a Module i have Properties with my own Global Variables.

But for the Web Site its doesn’t works with the Module, Properties en Variables.

What did I wrong?

Have you tried the Session instead of the Module? I don’t web I just remember seeing that suggested b4

Thanks for the answer, but it doesn’t work, not in the Session or in the Module.