Globals.Name Redefined identifier. This name is already defined by module Globals Globals

I am getting this message when I try to run or compile an iOS app built with Xojo Version 2020 release 2.1.

I don’t have any variables or identifiers called ‘Name’

I would appreciate any suggestions as to how best to proceed.

Do you have something in your project named Globals?

I did. I take it that I shouldn’t have that? Renamed it to globalStuff, and now seems to be working again.
Thanks for the question. Can you expand on why that should be avoided?

make sure your form does not have a a control called “Notes” or “Property”

It’s conflicting with something in the framework and there can’t be two.

Someone very recently typo’d in the framework because only the phrase “Global” is identified as a reserved word Reserved words — Xojo documentation

If Xojo is going to update the docs and reserve both that would be very disappointing (not to mention break a lot of people’s existing code).