Global Floating Window not working?

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I’m using 2019r1 on Mint 20.1, and I’m trying to get my app’s window to stay on top of other windows, without being minimized when another windows gets focus. IE: my app window stays on top of Firefox, while also allowing interaction with FF. Global Floating Window doesn’t do the trick, and I’ve tried several other window types which also fail.

Is what I’m after possible another way?

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Do you use to MBS plugin? It has a method for that.

Otherwise, you can call this function using Declares:

(I’m sorry to not be able to help further, as I don’t use Linux enough to know how declares are formatted there, and the language reference has no example; better to try yourself).

Thanks for the tips! I’ll have a look at MBS and see what I can do.

If you already purchased it, just use the method:

I appreciate your help. Sadly, I can’t afford MBS plugins. If I could just buy that one plugin, then maybe, but all I see available are bundles I don’t need or want. Also, since I’ve never used declares before, I wouldn’t even know where to start (2019r1 docs are gone, even built-in docs). Updating Xojo is not an option either.

Ok, as I said earlier, I’m not an expert in Linux. Browsing this forum, which holds snippets of Linux declares, I propose you this:

Declare Sub gtk_window_set_keep_above Lib “” (WindowRef As Integer,b as Boolean)

gtk_window_set_keep_above MyWindow.Handle,True

Please try it and give me a feedback, so I know either to look further or it was doable.

you can order individual ones on their website for the part.

You can email us when you have questions or you think you qualify for a discount (academic or retired for example)

Thanks for the heads-up! I didn’t see anywhere to order individual plugins, will have to look again.
Depending on prices, I may consider applying for a discount, as I live on a disability income.

Thank you so much! I’ve been struggling with this for problem a few days, so I need to give my poor old brain a wee rest. I’ll try your proposal shortly and get back to you.

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Where do I place that code? I’ve looked at several posts that mention declares as well as the docs…it’s all way over my head. I guess I really am “basic” LOL.

Just put it where appropriate (like your window’s Open event, or in a push button for testing, etc.). That’s just normal code like any other.

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