[Github] Application monitor

Hello Folks,

we have about 15 different xojo webapps running on a single server. And as you might know, starting, restarting and maintaining it can sometimes be hard.
So we have written a small webapp to maintain all our apps on the server and I want to share it with you guys:

Github Repo

This is the feature-set:

  • start, restart and quit standalone webapps
  • automatically restart apps when they’re crashed or closed
  • have a look at the server processes over the top-command
  • all without ssh over a simple web interface

Maybe some you find this helpful, so fell free to use, share, change or contribute to it.

Oh, and:
the top-command-feature is inspired by the example project of xojo.

@Lars Lehmann - please keep in mind that calling top with the -b option is very processor intensive, even if just for a moment. You may want to limit how often you do that as to not affect the performance of the apps you are monitoring.

Sure! Thanks for the advice.

In our case, we use it just to inspect it in rare cases, and the update frequency is set to 2.5 seconds per default.