Git, Xojo Projects, binary, xml, text and Version 'diffs'

Hi… I am wondering if there is a best practice for choice of xojo project file formats and source code control. Yes GitHub, but more importantly Diff.
If one save a project in binary and you then want to do a diff between versions, what are you going to get? if you save as xml i think it’s probably text diff, but probably not legible, which leaves text.


Text format is the only practical option for version control. Everything else is a workaround.


Text format is highly impractical for projects that share code. Arbed is fine for diffs with xml.

Pardon but what is Arbed?

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More info:

Edit: Tim gives much more info

Arbed is a third party tool for working with Xojo projects. Thomas Tempelmann | Arbed - The Powerful Project Editor for Xojo

It is a workaround. Norman recommends that you don’t use the XML approach on the other forum we’re not allowed to link here. There are approaches to sharing code between projects with git, but if you don’t use external items then none of this even matters.

Most git tools have diff built in. I like and recommend Fork. I have an external diff tool, but only need it for the really complicated cross-outdated-branch merges. I also can’t recommend it since it’s now subscription model for no good reason.

Fork though, I love Fork, the dev is great and helpful.

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Update: The Fork dev just fixed a crash on Big Sur in less than 15 minutes. Just wanted to reiterate how awesome Fork is.