Git issues with Folders


It seems that there is another issue when pushing to git.

I created a Folder within the project called Controls, I added there 2 classes and saved the project.
I push it to the git repo, now in the GIT I have Controls folder as Empty one and I do have another Folder called Code, where I have my 2 classes, now when I open the project on another pc it says Missing Controls Folder ,and it seems that my classes were moved from Controls to Code.

Is that normal ? Are the project folders ok or I should avoid using those ?


sounds like missing
git add .

already did that , I just forgot to mention it. I guess Controls could be a restricted name from the Framework and that could be the reason why it does not add it . But honestly no idea why the classes are moved in a folder called Code and they don’t stay in the folder done by me

As you’ve discovered, the actual file structure does not have to match the project’s structure. Xojo does its best to organize this for you, but you can rearrange things by editing the .xojo_project yourself. If you look at that file in a text editor, the format, and how to make these changes, is clear.

But make sure your project isn’t open at the time, and backup the .xojo_project file first, just in case.

FYI, I’ll do this when I have more than one project, say a desktop and console app, in the same folder. Each project gets its own folder, but I’ll move shared classes to a common folder at the top level and edit the respective .xojo_project files to point to them.

(You can also move the files and let Xojo ask for each one when you open the project, but that get’s tedious if you are moving more than a few files.)