GetTypeInfo Weirdness

I have an instance of a class.

[code]Dim oFTObject as FTObject

oFTObject = GetSomeObject(MouseX, MouseY)

if oFTObject <> nil then
Dim ti As Introspection.TypeInfo = GetTypeInfo(oFTObject) //<-----Compiler says can’t find a type with this name
dim ti as xojo.Introspection.TypeInfo = xojo.Introspection.GetType(oFTObject) //<-Works fine

I would have expected the RB framework to work like the Xojo framework. Has this functionality always been like this?

In the classic framework, it’s the same. GetTypeInfo expects a class, not an object. You want Introspection.GetType.

(Since I think you knew this, I’m guessing you had a brain freeze. :slight_smile: )

*@#&^$ Thanks. Been one of those days…