Getting Window.Title from a WeakRef to the window

What is the code for getting the title (or whatever) from a weakRef to a window?
I would like to use this in an array of Weakref’s to windows

Var wdw As New Window
Var wrf As New WeakRef(wdw)

If “blank” = wrf.Title Then //This code doesn’t work)

What do I write instead of wrf.Title?

var wr as WeakRef = weakRefArr( x )
var w as Window = Window( wr.Value ) // Will be nil if the Window is gone
if w isa Window and w.Title = "blank" then 

Thank you. That second line is what got me.

Basically what you do is rebuild what you put in to the array.

Cast it, not rebuild, but I think you get it.

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Make sure you check if wr is nil as well!


Wow, I tried to do it as “wr.Value” and it wouldn’t work. Of course, because I’m casting, but there is no room for cheating.

Update. Grumble. In the array when I test for Nil for the weakRef, it’s not what I thought.
Example where CDsw is the array of WeakRefs

//It's NOT 
If CDsw(i) = Nil Then
If CDsw(i).Value = Nil Then

Actually… you need to test both.

You are safe using (order of this line is important):

If CDsw(i) = Nil or CDsw(i).value = Nil Then
end if 

When reading/casting i’d suggest you do type checking to using IsA

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