Getting started with PDF documents in web project

Sorry for the silly question, but I am having a difficult time understanding the PDF class for web projects. I do understand the need to set up a new PDFDocument and use the graphics class to create whatever you want, but what I am stuck on is how do you display it in the browser? On desktop, you can save it to a folder, but how do you just display it? Bonus for displaying it in a new tab.

I couldn’t find any examples that were web-specific. All were desktop and iOS, unless I missed it. Searching the forum, it looks like there used to be an example in the EEWeb for PDF, but the current example does not seem to have this

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I think I found what I needed.

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Not every browser supports displaying PDF directly the way that blog post suggests. Availability of that functionality depends on the system and installed software.

There are Javascript controls that reliably display PDF. It would benefit Xojo to add one. You could look at PDF.js or if you’re able to use Google services within your Web App you can embed their document viewer in a HTMLViewer with a URL pattern like this:{PDFWebFile.URL}&embedded=true
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Good to know, thanks!