Getting Started iOS


I’m just looking at the iOS environment of Xojo. I managed to get projects running in iOS Simulator. A free developer account at Apple is available. I once read somewhere that it is possible to deploy the iOS Apps on a physical iOS device without having to pay for the account. However, the menu item Certificates is not displayed in my Apple Developer profile. Is this even possible for testing purposes without paying the $99 annual fee and if so how? I would be very grateful for a step-by-step guide.

The second question, is it possible to read any files into an iOS App that the user selects via a selection dialog (iCloud Drive, Dropbox etc.)? For the export there is the SharingPanel…

Thank you very much!

@Martin Trippensee — AFAIK, you can install you app to an iOS device but it is signed only for 1-3 days and stops working after that. Though I would LOVE to know any workaround

Thanks Stphane. Currently I dont have an iOS License, so would it be possible to debug Apps directly to iOS Devices?

@Martin Trippensee — You can get an iOS license for free if you just need to debug on your iOS device. The caveat is that your app will be valid only for something like 24-72h. This is obviously enough for debugging, but AFAIK you cannot keep your app on your iDevice

And how do I get this free license? Is it a Xojo license? The time wouldn’t be a problem. Just wanna check functionality on real devices.

@Martin Trippensee — I have always downloaded and used it from Xcode, so I don’t know the details

Xcode has offered a free provisioning profile that can be used to deploy to an iOS device without joining the Apple Developer program.

You’ll still need a Xojo iOS license to be able to build your app to copy it to the iOS device, though.

Thanks Paul. So you mean, it’s impossible to debug temporary to a real iOS Device without Xojo iOS License? I know this Docs Page, but I failed following the instructions. My Apple Developer Account doesn’t show the certifications page.

That is correct.