Getting server info for an item on a remote volume

Can anyone tell me how to find the server info (like IP) of a file or folder? I have a share mounted from a remote volume (a remote folder called ‘RawData’, inside that folder I see a file ‘aug 14th 2018.PNG’.

The folderItem info for this file is: /Volumes/RawData/aug\ 14th\ 2018.PNG

understandable because ‘RawData’ is the mountpoint, but this tell me nothing about which remote volume the file lives on. What I need is what Finder Info reports: smb:// 14th 2018.PNG

This will tell me which server to look for. Seems simple enough, but even NSURLMBS seems return everything but the host server info.

Many thanks

you might be able to use the mount command to get at least some of this in a shell

Thanks Norm, mount with no arguments returns enough info that I can extract what is needed.