Getting rid of Tabs in Textfields

Hi everybody,

locating this mistake was painful… There is a textfield, which is used for writing into a DatabaseRecord. The DatabaseRecords are converted into a csv. Sometimes the csv had more columns, somtimes less. Now i know why, but not how to solve. If the user left the Textfield with “Tab”, this keypress ist stored (isnt it just for toggling between Textfields???). The tab in my Textoutput forces a new column in my CSV. Horror!!! How can I get rid of this f…ing stored Tab???

Hepl is needed. Thank in advance


Are you sure it is a TextField and not a TextArea:

  • TextFields: a tab gets you to the next control.
  • TextArea: if TextArea.AcceptTabs is True, the user can enter tabs as part of the text, if False a tab gets you to the next control.

That´s a hint. Wait - im checking it out
Oops seems to be textarea and no Tab - its CR LF…

Problem remains the same…

If you don’t want the CRLF in your output CSV, then don’t write it to the output CSV. Easiest is probably to use ReplaceLineEndings to substitute a space or some other character that will not mess up your output before you create the file.

thank you - great