Getting Kernel Panic when trying to debug with breakpoint in 64 bit

Has anyone else experienced this, i.e. is this a known issue:

I am trying to port Arbed to 64 bit. At some point, I get a regular crash, and the stack trace points to a particular function of mine. So I set a breakpoint there, or in the calling function. But when I then run the program again in the Xojo debugger, it ALWAYS leads to a kernel panic. This is on macOS 10.13.6 and Xojo 2018r2 (I can’t try with 2019r1 currently because of the removed access to the Graphics property, which will require much more work, and I want to first get the other kinks out of it).

Nope, never had a kernel panic when working with Xojo.

Nope, never.

Kernel panic is kind of weird. I don’t see one since long time.
And I believe only a kernel extension can really crash the kernel.
But I guess you know this very well.

I’d move investigating on something else…

Does your function access some hardware? Maybe the driver for the specific hardware, or, indirectly an hardware failure.
One situation I’ve seen a kernel panic was with a failing graphics card (and maybe not so nice driver).