Getting files into my app's sandbox

My iOS app allows some basic customization using some config files… I want to be able to email one of these files to my customer and have it end up in my app’s sandbox.

I have read but not sure how I can accomplish the same thing with my Xojo project.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


I figured this out but the solution is a pain… and I would love to find some way to automate it… Any ideas are welcome!

  1. Build the app
  2. Select the app and “Show Package Contents”
  3. Find the info.plist file and copy it to another folder.
  4. Edit that copy and add the required “Exported Type UTIs”, “Imported Type UTIs” and “Document types” to the Information Property List.
  5. Drag the newly edited info.plist in the Xojo project.
  6. Build the app again.

It seems that Xojo uses the info.plist in the project rather than create a new one.

You can’t just edit the info.plist after the first build and expect the app to run… since any change breaks the code signing.

What would be nice is if there was a way to run a Script after the info.plist was created but before the app is code signed…

It merges the one you put in the IDE with the one it creates - and it creates a new one on every run

Add a build step and put it in the IOS target between the BUILD and sign steps ?

OK… thanks… It did not occur to me that you could control when the Script actually runs… In retrospect I should have realized that.

just drag them around
you can do things before build (like clean old dirs, change properties, etc)
between build & sign
and after signing

its really up to you to decide what & when
there are some limitations like “build location” is not valid in a pre build since - well - it hasn’t been determined WHERE the build will go yet (literally)