Getting Architecture value for IDE script

I’m trying to prepare a bit for 64bit builds. Since the build directory is a different one I need to have a different path when copying stuff around.

I want to have

dim PathToScheduler as String if 32bit then PathToScheduler = ProjectPath + shellEncode("Builds - max scheduler.rbp/Mac OS X (Cocoa Intel)") else PathToScheduler = ProjectPath + shellEncode("Builds - max scheduler.rbp/OS X 64 bit") end if

But how can I find out of the Architecture value is 32 or 64 bit?

print PropertyValue("App.Architecture")

gave me an empty message box.

I don’t see a way to get that value.

But since it’s an IDE script, could you instead structure it like this:

Const kOSX32 = 7
Const kOSX64 = 16

Dim path As String
Dim pathToScheduler As String

// Build Mac 32-bit
path = BuildApp(kOSX32)
pathToScheduler = ProjectPath + shellEncode(“Builds - max scheduler.rbp/Mac OS X (Cocoa Intel)”)
// copy stuff as needed

// Build Mac 64-bit
path = BuildApp(kOSX64)
pathToScheduler = ProjectPath + shellEncode(“Builds - max scheduler.rbp/OS X 64 bit”)
// copy stuff as needed[/code]

@Paul: thanks for the information. Unfortunately, that won’t work.

The build process of my app is like a russian doll. There are quite a few build steps. The inner app is copied to the parent app when the parent app is build and ends with signing the parent app. Therefore, I can’t copy the inner app after signing. Or I would have to change the signing…

I’ve made a feature request: <>

Had another idea: I’ll simply copy from both paths because I’ll only build either 32 or 64 bit but not both at the same time.