Getting a relative folder path

It looks like GetFolderItem doesn’t support relative paths like “…/aFolder” so I’m trying to figure out the way to do that.

In my project directory I have a folder called Support Files. I keep default settings, icons, images, database…etc that I use Build Automation to copy into various Special Folders.

This works, but it looks funny. Is there a better way?

[code]#If TargetMacOS Then

’ The ExecutableFile is in the Mac bundle.
’ Project Folder/Test.debug/Contents/MacOS/Test.debug

System.DebugLog ( App.ExecutableFile.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.ShellPath )

’ This emits /Users/rob/Desktop/Test/App which is what I need, but is this the accepted/best way?


It is, but I recommend .NativePath if you don’t need the escaped path for Shell use - i.e.:

/Users/rob/Desktop/The Test Folder/My App
instead of

/Users/rob/Desktop/The\\ Test\\ Folder/My\\ App

At some point, I don’t know when, App.ExecutableFile became the bundle path on macOS and not the executable file inside the bundle. I have confirmed this behavior just now before posting in 2019r1.1

oooh please report that as a bug …
executable file should point to the exe In Contents/MacOS and nowhere else