Getting a reference to a custom cell type

In a dataset class for a list, I have a rowdata event
In that, I initialise a iOSTableCellData object

Dim cell As iOSTableCellData = Table.CreateCustomCell(GetTypeInfo(MyCell)) Dim customCell As Mycell = Mycell(cell.Control)

I have ActionsForRow set up

In the RowAction event, I would like to make one of the controls on my custom cell to be visible or not, without having to refill my list
How do I get a reference to the affected cell and its controls to be able to do that?

eg the customcell has an imageview called thumbnailpic
So I would want to do something like

customcell(mylist.item(row)).thumbnailpic.visible = false

me.ReloadRow section,row

I cant affect the controls directly, but if I change the underlying data exposed by the cell, and reload the cell , it sets up the custom cell and displays it.