GetFolderItem Question

Hello,Is this not supposed to work:

Dim f as New FolderItem
Dim DataPath As string = "C:\\Axcys Facility Security Management\\Axcys Facility Security Manager\\ControllerData\\axcys.db"
f = getFolderItem(DataPath)

F is nil but the path is good…
Using this code works:

      DataPath = "C:\\Axcys Facility Security Management\\Axcys Facility Security Manager\\ControllerData\"
      DbNam ="axcys"
Dim f as New FolderItem
f = getFolderItem(DataPath).Child(DbNam + ".db")

Why this difference??? Is this a bug or my bug?


if you are not sure about the path, create a test program with 1 Button and this action code

dim f as folderitem dim dlg as OpenDialog dlg = new OpenDialog f = dlg.ShowModal if f <> nil then MsgBox str(f.AbsolutePath) else return end

then you can see the path.

Hello Axel,

Thank you for your reply! The path is known good. The problem is, one method works, the other does not. The second example works, after breaking the path parts apart. However the first method worked fine in RS 2012R2.1

I am just trying to understand if there is a difference between the latest Xojo version 2013 R3 RC1 and RS2012 R2.1