GetFolderItem on iOS?

Im struggling to pass a file name around an iOS app.
In order to list files, I use a TableView
In order to ‘do it right’, I use a Datasource
The datasource uses an array
The array is filled with the URLPaths of files

When the Rowdata event is called, I need to ‘Get’ the file from the URLPath
All attempts to do this so far have failed.


[code]Dim f As New Xojo.IO.FolderItem(files(row)) //files is an array of text holding URLPaths



Both fail.

is there any such thing as GetFolderItem on iOS, or do I need to fiddle about with old and new framework there?

Where in your app are these items stored? You’ll probably want to use one of the functions in With Apples strong sand boxing you can’t open arbitrary locations, you have to use one of the locations specifically granted to your app.

they would be items in specialfolder.documents

I can find them OK when assembling the array of files, but trying to turn that text array BACK into folderitems later is where I am failing.

(I may go and change my text array to a folderitem array, but thats avoiding the question I am trying to answer.)