GetFolderItem Location

I am trying to find the path to my executable file on a Mac. I have a file named “VSM3.png” residing in the same directory as my executable after compiling. When I use the command
f= GetFolderItem(“VSM3.png”)

I get the path of the executable file, but the following is tacked on to the path

I thought GetFolderItem looks inside the same folder as your application (or your project, if you’re running it from within the IDE).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This is because the path to the executable on OSX is NOT the directory of the .APP file (which is reality is a folder)…
The executable is INSIDE in (/contents/MacOS/) to be precise


seems to give the correct result… but yeah… I agree the what you stated… SHOULD work

Thank you very much. I understand how it works now.


did you try with the stand alone application ?

did you have a copy of the file inside your applciation bundle ?