GetFolderItem from remote location

I have a program that loads a text file from another pc on my network (path is below). I’ve loaded files from the application directory and subdirectories but can’t figure out how to load the remote path. Do I need to parse it and use DriveAt, parent, and child to create the string for GetFolderItem? I assume there is an easier way. This is a Windows app. Thanks.


What is the path when the remote volume is mounted? On my Mac, all remote volumes appear in /Volumes. So the path to file xyz.txt on a volume mounted as MyDrive will look like /Volumes/MyDrive/rest/of/path/to/xyz.txt and that’s the path I use:

myfolderitem = new FolderItem ("/Volumes/MyDrive/rest/of/path/to/xyz.txt", FolderItem.PathModes.Native)

Must be something similar on Windows.

is that a Windows path?

then you may need two backslashes on the front for network volumes.

Thanks Tim. The path is “/JOHN/Users/jg/Downloads/MyFolder/images/file.txt”. JOHN is the name of the pc I want to get the file from. I’ll try your suggestion, thanks.

I guess I should’ve mentioned I also don’t want to hardcode the path, I’m grabbing the path from a listbox (lstConfig.list(0)).

Sure but you’ll need to populate the listbox first.