Get Ubound Rows in listbox

This may a fundamental listbox question. How do I get the highest Ubound integer count of rows in a listbox. I though it might be RowDepth



The documentation is your friend

Thanks. Sorry I’m still trying to get used to the new Documentation layout it’s been changed. is the classic reference and has been around for several years is the new set but not everything is aggregated there yet

For most classic stuff (like desktop apps use) may still be the better reference

Alternately you can right click on a listbox right in the IDE and at the bottom of the menu is a “help for” item that will take you to the reference for it

Just saying that trying to find these things for yourself FIRST is a good thing
Folks dont mind helping out
BUT a lot like to see that you’ve tried to help yourself first either by trying code or by trying to look things up
At least then you can come here and say “I looked here and here but I didn’t see anything that seemed to be what I’m looking for”
or “I tried this code but it doesn’t seem to do what I want” (and post the code)

Not trying to dump on you
But it’s easy to wear out “Hey I’m a newbie” with questions that are answered in resources that are readily available to you
Give them a whirl
And even if you come back and ask “Hey I found this but it doesn’t make sense” or “Am I using this right” thats a good thing

On this front I disagree with Yoda
Trying is a good thing