Get the address data from Mac addressbook


I’m having trouble figuring out how to get the ‘Home’ address data from the Mac address book.
The Xojo docs are only partially helpful, and now I am stuck on the Adresses-property.

When look at addresses.count it says 1. But I have ‘Home’, ‘Work’ and … ‘Address’ - which I didn’t put there, but which is the only one that is counted.

So how do I get to the properties of ‘Home’ and ‘Work’?

Thanks for any help,

After some digging I found out … Mac OS X stores each address as a separate contact. So when I do contacts() = adrbook.Contacts, I get 672 contacts. I don’t really have that many. But for my contact-entry only, I get three array-elements: ‘home’, ‘work’, and ‘address’.

So now I just loop through the array, leaving out the addresses I do not want to use.