Get more ratings and reviews (Windows Store)

If you have apps in the Windows Store, you probably received a message entitled like this thread.

I looked at the code, but it is UWP and I was not able to sort heads and tails from it. I don’t think Desktop apps have access to the namespaces they mention anyway.

But there is VERY precious piece of information on the page

Which is the URI to use to go directly to the page in the Windows Store to leave a review:


This is the code for OneNote, but it is easy to customize for your own app. Go to your dashboard, and look up the app identity in App Management.

They give the URL to the app. The important part is the last 12 digits, starting with 9. Replace 9WZDNCRFHVJL by your app code, and ShowURL the URI. It will open the Windows Store at the review page.

Reviews are considered “Social proof”, and the more you have, the better the sales.

My first thought was to use Shell.Execute with

cmd /c start "link" "ms-windows-store://review/?ProductId=9WZDNCRFHVJL"

but that is sand boxed in UWP :frowning:

Its currently not possible to open the windows store using LaunchUriAsync as that hasn’t been exposed to bridged apps yet, that would be nice and easy, figures :frowning:

As for showing a rating and review dialog in your app, I’m only just getting into calling this stuff from Xojo so it would be a stretch for me to implement that in Xojo at the moment.

Christian might be able to expose it in one of his DLLs if you ask him nicely :slight_smile:

Julian… I tested that before posting. ShowURL sends the message directly to the system, as if you typed it into the window that appears with [Window key]+R. No need to use shell.


Works from a desktop app packed into an AppX. Opens the Windows Store app at the review page.

Oh, I’m sure I tried ShowURL and it didnt do anything, odd. If it works from an UWP app then that’s perfect :slight_smile:

Actually, I just completed the small method that take the user to the Windows Store, down to the review page, in my Xojo app that will be packed into an AppX.

It counts the number of launches, and on #2, 6, and 12, asks politely with a messagedialog if the user wants to do a review. I use ShowURL. But it works only in Windows 10. Which is not a problem since desktop converter apps are only available in the most recent Windows 10 versions.

Nice. Can it tell that they’ve left a review so not to ask them again?

Unfortunately not. It may be available with the UWP API, but I simply keep a record, if the “leave a review” button has been clicked, I will not ask again.