Get metadata from pdf

Hi EveryOne
I need advice for a basic task that reveal more complicated
I need to get the text in the ( Title field ) of PDF “Not the window title But the Title that inside Metadata” Command “D” when PDF is open
1- i can’t use mdls -name kMDItem because the file is on win Server
2- I’m able to SET it by applescript: do script "'myTitle';"
But i don’t know how Get the data from do script

set myTtitle to do script "var docTitle =;"

returned ‘Undefined’ ( But it work directly inside the acrobat console var docTitle =; )
It’s not Shell script… its only javascript to acrobat… Is it possible to retrieve that info

I believe that you need to do something like the following in your applescript:

set myTtitle to do script “;”
return myTtitle

Yes Mark your right
now i see my error… “myTtitle” IS my variable… so dont need “var docTitle”
Thank you

if you like to do it in Xojo directly, you can try MBS Plugin.
PDFKit functions (Mac only) or DynaPDF (Cross platform)
We can get/set meta data from PDFs.
Including XMP with DynaPDF.

Thanks Christian
I didn’t know that your cocoa plug in included pdfKit
Besides DynaPDF (which i dont know if it does)
Do you have a solution to scan pdf and get any icc profile attached to any object

We can Get all color spaces with DynaPDF and query ICC profiles.

DynaPDFMBS.GetDocumentColorSpaces as DynaPDFColorSpaceMBS()